The Oppression of Women

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The Oppression of Women Imperialism is used to gain authority and control over one state or people in the form of an empire, based on practices of dominance and the idea of superiority. The term can be found in the history of Japan, the Chinese Empire, Greece, ancient Egypt and the British Empire. From 1934 to 1945, Hitler ran Germany by promoting anti-Semitism, Pan-Germanism, and anti-communism to gain the support of the German people. In this time he was the leader of a mass genocide which killed approximately six million Jews during World War II. During the 19th and 20th century, slavery was prominent in the United States where black women and men were powered by their masters. Stolen from their original homes, they were forced to work for little or no pay. In Islam, women are sold into arranged marriages at a very young age. They lose their property to the men they are married to and are controlled by their husbands. In any civilization, it is easy to see how imperialism has affected many different religious groups, people of different ethnicities, and genders. Women have been targeted and discriminated throughout our world’s history. Many women have fought and gone against their society’s rules to prove that justice should be given to them. Women have been discriminated by their sex, jobs, pregnancy, race, and religion. In pre-agricultural societies, women held equal positions as men. After adapting to sedentary cultures, men began to believe the concept that women

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