The Optimist's Daughter

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The major characters in The Optimist's Daughter are Judge McKelva, Becky Mckelva, Laurel Mckelva, Wanda Fay, Dr. Courtland, Miss Adele Courtland, Tish Bullock, Major Bullock, Miss Tennyson, and Miss Missouri. Becky Mckelva was Judge Mckelva's wife before she died and had Laurel Mckelva with him. Wanda Fay remarried Judge Mckelva after his wife's death. Dr. Courtland did surgery on Becky Mckelva and the final operation on Judge Mckelva. Miss Adele Courtland is the sister of Dr. Courtland and is a bride's maid to Laurel McKelva. Tish Bullock is also a bride's maid to Laurel and is the daughter of Miss Tennyson and Major Bullock. Miss Tennyson is another bride's maid to Laurel McKelva and is married to Major Bullock. Miss Missouri is the maid…show more content…
Laurel gives up on trying to understand Fay and continues to look after her father. The conflict between Fay and Laurel is never resolved and will never be. Fay and Laurel are two opposites and they do not attract.<br><br>3.6.2<br>Judge McKelva's wife, Fay, is in a conflict with her past. She tries to destroy everything of the past so that it will not come back and haunt her. Through out the book Fay displays ways in which she hates the past. Some examples are, When she tells Laurel that she has no family but then her family comes to Jude McKelva's funeral, how Fay destroyed all remains of Becky McKelva, and how she refers to her self as being in the future, not the past. Fay's hate for the past comes from a desire to disassociate herself with her family, which lies in the past. Although at the end of the novel Fay does return with her family to her hometown for a few days, she had no interest with them in the beginning of the book. <br><br>3.9<br>The Optimist's Daughter is set in New Orleans and the small Mississippi town of Mount Salus in March of the 1970's. In New Orleans, Marti Gras has started and adds an atmosphere of excitement. Although a hospital is were the novel revolves around in New Orleans, Marti Gras is brought up several times. The hospital adds a sense of anticipation for what might happen. In Mount Salus, the small town and people give a sense of closeness and understanding. In such a small town all of the residents know about the loss of

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