The Oral History Project : I Interviewed My Grandmother

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For the oral history project, I interviewed my grandmother. Her full name is Imelda Laborce, while she is known as “Meldy” to most family members. She was born in a small town called Calapacuan in the Zambales region of the Philippines. She was born in 1955 and is 61 years old. Like me, she was born in the Philippines but eventually moved to America sometime in her life. I believed she was a good candidate because I knew she was one of the earliest members of my family to travel to America. Hence, she must have good stories and have a rich background. I also never really knew anything about her past, so I just thought it would be interesting in general to learn about it. She currently lives in Union, New Jersey and works in a hospital as a nurse. I interviewed her during one of the days of Thanksgiving break. Before meeting her, I called to make sure she was okay with an interview and that if she wasn’t comfortable with anything she can tell me. She said she was really happy to tell information about herself and that she would be comfortable to say anything. On that day, we sat together at her dining room table and I started the recording with my phone. I asked her questions and she responded with great answers. She didn’t know everything of course, but she replied the best she could. I believe the interview went really well and it felt like a really casual conversation. For the majority of the time she was very upbeat. For example, when I asked her how old she was, she

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