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Oral Presentation on Netflix Submitted by Md. Tariqul Islam D No: D40099780 HRM-587 Managing Organizational Change Submitted to Professor Shashon Miles Date: April 11, 2015 What is the Problem? Netflix Inc. is a accompany that provides internet streaming media on demand. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded the company in 1997 at Scotts Valley, California, and headquarters is at Los Gatos, CA. In fact the idea of Netflix comes from Reed Hastings after fined $40 for delaying to return Apollo 13. Netflix was started in small scale with only 30 employees and 925 streaming contents. But Netflix extended its network entire North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and part of Europe (Belgium, Luxemburg, etc). Now it has…show more content…
We know that Verizon is ISP of Netflix. So, when the streaming issue comes out, they blame each other, but they don’t bring out the expected solution that will be beneficial to the customers. Strategies or techniques to solve the problem I believe the four frame model will be the appropriate selection in order to solve the Netflix issue. Four frame model consist of structural frame, human resource frame, political frame, and the symbolic frame. As CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings could apply human resource frame and structural frame to settle down the pricing issue. To solve the streaming problem with Verizon, political frame could be used. Furthermore, I emphasize using the participative style of management where all the employees and the stakeholders have the opportunity to be involved with the decision making process. They can also share their views to the specific issue to have a logical solution. I also prefer coaching to dissolve the management problems of Netflix. Coaching is significant to make the employees knowledgeable how to share information, training, how to take part in employee decision making, and rewards. Employees can be more knowledgeable by exchanging information among them, and training can make them more skill, more productive. Moreover, rewarding the employees will definitely inspire them to perform their best, and they consider it as the recognition of their efforts. To run Netflix efficiently, Leadership

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