The Order Of Draw On Health Care Facilities

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The order of draw is very important in today’s health care facilities. The order of draw has been around for many years, it is believed to have started in the late 1900s. A lot of time when blood is being draw, there are many different kinds of blood related test going on. Therefore, there is a certain order of draw that must be taken placed. There are a variety of precautionary procedures dealing with the order of draw that must be followed. Furthermore, the main reason for the order of draw is to prevent cross-contamination and to ensure that all test result are accurate. To do this we have to prevent the additives from one tube to be carried over to the next tube. This can happen when the needle you are using touches or come in contact…show more content…
The purpose of blood culture draw is to test for the existence of bacteria and other microorganisms that could possibly be in a patient’s blood. Even the smallest contamination will have major adverse effects on the final results of this kind of test. The second in the order of draw is the one use for a coagulation assay. The drawing tube that is use for a coagulation assay has a light blue top. When it comes to coagulation assay, there is an exemption to the order of draw. If it is believe that tissue fluids or thromboplastins have infected that blood, then a non-additive tube may be used in replace of the tube for the coagulation assay. The non-additive tube usually has a red top on it. The third tube in the order of draw is the non-additive, which I said earlier is marked with a red top. This tube is for blood draw taken for testing without adding any kind of reaction additive. The fourth and final draw in the order of draw is an additive tube. There are many different additives that can be used for testing purposes. The final measure of the order of draw has an order in itself that must be followed. The first tube used for additive is the one that contains SST. This tube usually has a red-gray or gold top on it. This tube has additives that have gel separators and clot activator. This tube is used for the testing of the pancreas function in the patient. The second additive tube has sodium heparin and it usually has a very dark green top on it. FYI sodium
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