The Organ Transplantation Recovery Unit

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A young husband sits next to his wife, holding her hand while the tears fall from both of their cheeks. Several hours earlier, they were blessed with the sight of their baby girl – the one they’ve been waiting to meet for what seemed like an eternity. Holding her in their arms and seeing her perfect round face for the first time was supposed to be one of the most joyous moments of their lives – however it will forever live on as one of the moments they wished had never occurred. Their baby, one that had been healthy the entire nine months of pregnancy, had been stillborn. A representative from the organ transplantation recovery unit comes to speak to the couple, providing information about organ and tissue donation, and ask them about their thoughts and feelings on donation of their baby’s viable tissues and organs, all the while emphasizing the essential window of time that is available. Already full of heartache, the couple now faced one of the toughest decisions they’ve had to make in life yet.
The above scenario is just one of many that occurs every single day in this world, in all walks of life. Whether one has already chosen to become an organ donor or has reservations about donating tissues and organs, it can be a sensitive subject to many. There are many legitimate fears and myths behind organ donation and the recovery of organs – anywhere from those that believe it is against their religion to the actual process itself, discussed as follows.

“I do have
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