The Organic Food Industry Has Gained A Great Deal Of Customers

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The organic food industry has gained a great deal of customers over the past few years. Consumers commonly follow popular word of mouth marketing and the organic food industry has established a name for itself. Claiming to be better for overall health and wellness, the industry has made more people want to incorporate a variety of organic foods into their diets. Though claims may hold valuable truth, do organic groceries truly benefit people more than the conventional foods that many have grown up with? Consumers should be advised of the lack of benefits they receive when purchasing organic groceries in comparison to conventional groceries. To begin, people buy organic produce with the intention to maintain their health, but is it truly…show more content…
By the end of the experiment, Hoefkens and her team were able to conclude that the organically grown vegetables suffered more damaging consequences than conventional vegetables.2 The antioxidant agents were also much lower after the cooking processes. The results demonstrated, in terms of antioxidant properties present, that there was no added benefit of consuming the organic vegetables in comparison to the conventional vegetables. Moreover, the publication J Science of Food and Agriculture, provided a study done in 2012 by Van de Vijver, et al. that focused their research on how consumers were affected while eating only organic foods. This study was conducted in the Netherlands via a free access online questionnaire.4 The questionnaire was exclusively advertised places where people who bought organic foods would see such as advertisements in organic vegetable bags. The questionnaire gave instruction to participants to include health effects they noticed from eating organic.4 Of the 592 questionnaires, 25 were excluded for not providing information based on the questions, thus a total of 566 questionnaires were obtained for data.4 Results found 30% of respondents reported no health effects from eating organic, while 70% did.4 Out of a sub-group who were instructed by their physicians to switch to an organic diet due to health issues, 45% stated they had felt better overall, but the initial illness did not
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