The Organisational Factors Had Greater Influence On The Use Of Is By Swi Essay

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The organisational factors had greater influence on the use of IS by SWI. These are factors internal to an organisation such as the owner, strategic/IT plan alignment, competitive strategies adopted, staff and management factors, people’s adaptability to change and right technology (Massey University, 2014; Mendoza, Marius, Pérez, & Grimán, 2007; Chalmeta, 2006). These should be attributed to the following: Megan Duckett, SWI owner. Her attitude and adaptability to change, attitude encompasses to being open to change by acknowledging that Information systems (IS) including a website will increase customer’s satisfaction and drive sales. She embraced technology by learning how to use them, she designed SWI’s website and hired professionals to improve the website’s navigation and online services, and promote branding and use of search engine optimization to increase site visits (Sew What? Inc., 2014). Resources (hardware/software/people). SWI relies on solid Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and excellent back office software/applications and operating systems to run the business. It is assumed that the staff are accustomed and trained to use all these IS resources (Sew What? Inc., 2014). Organisation’s vision, strategy. SWI’s vision is aligned with their IT/IS strategy. Megan’s never say no approach to customer satisfaction resulted to a Customer centric company. Their vision is to use IT to manage business success and deliver outstanding service to customers.

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