The Organisational Process Of Buying A Train Ticket

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This essay uses technological determinism to analyse the organisational process of buying a train ticket. In particular, I will be looking at concepts such as the rate of diffusion, the technological agency and also the views of hard and soft technological determinism. Smith and Marx (1998:14) describe technological determinism as “the human tendency to create the kind of society that invests technologies with enough power to drive history”. This definition of technological determinism can be related to the process of buying a train ticket as this essay shows how organizations used technology to make this process more efficient and as a result, changed the way that society buys train ticket, which became the ‘norm’ now. L&J (2004:617) believe that technological determinism represent the belief that the progress of society is driven by technological innovation and this has an inevitable path. Society will evolve and adapt to these new technological changes. The way that society has changed their ways of buying train tickets and how they view buying it online is the way forward, can be best shown by the quote from L&J. Buying a train ticket has changed a lot in the last 15 years especially with the introduction of the World Wide Web which changed the way society works and this essay focuses specifically on the collection of train tickets after you have bought them and how technology has enabled us to do that.

There are two forms or two extremes of technological determinism…
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