The Organization, Christian Business Leaders

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Our organization, Christian Business Leaders (CBL), welcomes all majors and strives to bring students together under one common purpose: "To foster a Christ centered organization that encourages service through Christ and leadership in business." No matter the student 's major, he or she will take part in a business process, from creating a resume to interviewing for a job to working with executives in the corporate world. We believe that our Christian values should be incorporated into everything we do. Christian Business Leaders has been able to help students understand how to apply their values in the job search and work place. Our organization has hosted numerous business speakers, including high profile leaders, to talk about how they bring their own faith to the workplace. Some of these inspiring speakers have drawn audiences up to four times the number of CBL members, thus widening CBL’s impact on the ISU community. Some of the well known speakers include former Chicago Bears running back, Adrian Peterson, President and CEO of Marklund, Gil Fonger, President and founder of Today’s Growth Consultant, Ken Courtright, ISU basketball coach Dan Muller, and CEO of BroMenn Hospital, Colleen Kannaday. To focus on a few specific events, Adrian Peterson’s event was open to the whole Illinois State University campus and drew in a large crowd, which included both faculty and students. Adrian was a fantastic speaker. He focused on his life story, which encouraged and motivated
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