The Organization I Volunteered For Was Summerfield High

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The organization I volunteered for was Summerfield High School After prom. I have learned so much from this organization, and I was able to relate my volunteering experiences to sociological theories. Summerfield High School After prom does not have a formal mission statement, but we believe the mission of the committee is to provide a safe environment for our Junior and Senior High School Students following Prom. Summerfield High School After prom is organized my members from my community that come together to make sure students have a safe place to go to after prom. Since they do not have a formal mission statement, there is nothing to match their mission statement with. There are many aspects of this event that have to come together…show more content…
We provide music with a DJ. There are fuse ball and corn hole. It is a fun and safe place for students to go. Specifically, I assisted in creating the decorations for the event. It takes a lot of people and a lot of decorations to transform a school to make it look like a specific thing.
Also, here are a lot of things this organization does to fulfill the needs of society. One major thing this organization does is keep high school students safe after prom. No one wants to see high school students going to a party after prom and getting in trouble. This organization provides a safe place for students in this community to go and also have a fun time. Some social needs that this organization fulfills is the ability for the students to develop communication skills between their peers. At this event, there are so a many high schoolers there which gives them the chance to talk to someone they typically wouldn’t talk to at school. This organization helps the students interact with others. There are so many different games to play, so they are bound to play interact and play a game with another student that they don’t usually socialize with. One other big social need this organization fulfills is the feeling of safety. The students know that they are safe in the school because there are volunteers watching at all times. Once the event starts, the doors of the

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