The Organization Structure and Design of a Bakery

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ABC Bakery organisation is one of the most successful bakeries cross the nations. It has experienced considerably growth from the local market transit to internationally. Additionally, the unreliable external environment, technology implementation, strategy flexibility and also the company size expansion are the four crucial elements that definitely influence the company’s structure formulation.

ABC Bakery company mission statement: Value your every life is value ours. It has built on our commitment to provide the possible highest quality of baked goods to the customer, and continuously inspire a culture of trust and satisfaction in the workplace.

People is the key of our company both our customers and employees. On the one hand,
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When the company undergone a poor performance, the employees form different locations start to complain with each other. As a result, the employees’ performance declines as well. For the sake of satisfy both the customers and employees needs, the company decided to purchase brand new equipment for the second location and change the vertical organisation structure to a more flexible one and more concentrate on learning. Additionally, the employees are at a change routine process. All the staff requite work to different locations depended on the working shift. It would assist employees get along well with each other from different locations.

The business has grown to five locations in two cities in five more years. Different locations have influenced the structure formalisation and the external environment uncertainty would be another changeling for the company. In order to maintain a good control and coordination with the different branch, the company applied a quite flexible management coordination structure but a relatively centralised operational decision making structure. However, the different location across two cities may have quite dissimilar taste of customers. The five branches should preserve a high quality of the goods and service to the customers and in the mean while offering more various or new products due to the local preference. On the other hand, each branch
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