The Organization Structure of Walmart

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Organization structure of Wal-Mart Introduction The Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 in 719 Walnut Avenue in Rogers, Arkansas. Today there are 706 stores that are running in the USA offering competitive prices and good shopping experience to millions of Americans across the USA. The size of and average store, according to Wal-Mart Corporate (2011a) is 108,000 square feet and has an employee base of about 225 people. Wal-Mart is said to have one of the most efficient merchandise replenishment mechanism that take no more than 48 hours to replenish hence offering the customers and all round supply and availability of stock, or delivery period that is less than 48 hours. Wal-Mart engages in selling sustainable merchandise that is strict on the lifespan observation. There is a strict observation of the quality from the manufacturing materials and standards to the storage and the ultimate consumption ad use by the consumer. Wal-Mart low cost pricing strategy is based on consolidation and aggressive takeover of other chain stores hence having an advantage over the competitors. Due its higher sales revenue margins and an increasing drive to maximize shareholders value, Wal-Mart time and again moves its stores to bigger towns, for example, acquisition of French hypermarket giants Casino and Auchan, and Mycal a Japanese supermarket. According to Walmart Corporate (2011b) Wal-Mart as well believes in and observes the environmental conservation and provide the
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