The Organization 's Goal At The Thrift Store

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I was fortunate to be a part of the Salvation Army, where I was provided with the opportunity to volunteer at the Thrift store. The organization’s goal is to provide a way for people in the society to purchase donated clothes, toys, books, and household furniture’s at extremely low prices enable to produce funds to support many other ministries, programs, services including food banks, shelters, children 's camps, addiction treatment accommodations and charities for the community’s most vulnerable citizens. Their mission is to not only meet human needs but also driven to share the love of Jesus Christ, and be a transforming impact in the communities. The association’s vision is to be a functioning and thriving modern day model of William Booth 's who is the founder of the Salvation Army through which the banished and excluded of society will be refreshed and restored by way of meeting their practical needs. (Podkalicka, 2012) This organization values every costumer equally with respect, reach out and care for them. It also promotes the dignity of all persons. The Salvation Army Thrift stores provide a clean and professional atmosphere for the buyers. Furthermore, the compassionate staff and volunteers foster teamwork and partnerships for others to emulate as shown when they are replenishing stock, organizing products, hanging clothes and merchandising. All genders and ages are welcome to shop and deliver dignity and grace to children, families and individuals to the
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