The Organization 's Goals And Objectives

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Nassar (2007) states the system is the combination of all the processes that are necessary to accomplish the organization 's goals and objectives, which are guided by the organization 's mission (p. 1.8).

The first part of the system is the organization’s mission. Nassar (2007) defines the mission as a summary of an organization’s vision, which states its purpose and articulates its goals (p. 2.3). The needs the organization addresses, its methods of doing so, and the ideals that drive it (Mission and Vision Statement, 2012, p. 679). Zippy’s mission is to provide guests with delicious meals and excellent service in an inviting atmosphere (Zippy’s, n.d., para. 9).

The next component is the organization’s goals. Organizational goals are a means of accomplishing the organization 's mission (Nassar, 2007, p. 2.2). The article, Goals and Goal Setting (2012), states that organizational goals function as a tool of guidance, source of motivation, measure of performance, and a vehicle for planning (Goals and Goal Setting, 2012, p. 430). There are three goals to accomplish the organization’s mission. The first is to ensure Zippy’s provides its guests with a quality product all the time and in an efficient manner (Zippy’s, n.d., para. 1). The second goal is to be sure guests are satisfied with the service by handling each transaction and interaction with politeness and in an efficient, timely manner. (Zippy’s, n.d., para. 1). The last goal is be certain that guests are…
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