The Organization 's Mission Statement

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Peace Keepers Australia Pty Ltd and its gathering of organizations has been giving brilliant contact focus administrations since 2007 and is entirely Australian claimed and worked.
This report gives a key bearing for the fate of the organization. This report will likewise table both union of records and development of business.

1. Confirm organisational vision and mission:

The current organisation’s Mission Statement is as follows;

To be the leader in the outsourced call centre industry by delivering a competitive advantage to each and every client every time.

1.1 Check with stakeholders that organisational vision and mission are still held to be current and supportive.

Peace Keepers Australia Pty Ltd has a sole directorship however part of its way of life alludes to all representatives being Key Stakeholders. The organization was established and proceeds with a majority rule style administration. Senior and Middle Management are the Key Stakeholder delegates in this association.

In the course of the last eight (8) weeks key arranging gatherings have happened week by week including both on location and offsite discourses. It was discovered that the past statement of purpose was no more satisfactory nor suitable.

1.2 Make any changes or refinements to vision or mission statement as required
The key Stakeholders displayed various proposed Mission Statements taking into account their encounters in the organization and depictions on what the organization really does.
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