The Organization 's Programs And Services Essay

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Assess the Organization’s Programs and Services
Cradle to Crayons Child Welfare Center offers services to families with children ages 0-5 with an open case with the department of child safety in Maricopa County. Cradle to Crayons (C2C) offers services for the parents and children through judicial leadership, community coordinators, early childhood education, dependency treatment, parent-child therapy, family time coaching, trauma therapy, and resource coordination (Cradle to Crayons Child Welfare Center, 2015).
Judicial leadership/dependency treatment: The parents are welcome to join dependency treatment court in which they attend once a week to discuss with a judge and fellow parents their struggles, strengths and barriers to sobriety. The judge reviews their testing results and reviews their court days to help hold parents accountable to court requirements.
Community Coordinators: Staff work with another outside agency to help parents that have successfully reunified with their family to work on an “at home” program of support services, and allocating resources to make sure the family is successful.
Early Childhood education/family time coaching: Parents are offered a family time coach to supervise DCS scheduled visits with their children. The role of the family time coach is to discuss proper developmental milestones and positive parenting practice. The family time coach also administers the “Ages and Stages Questionnaire” and refers to AZEIP if appropriate.
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