The Organization 's Success With Diversity

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Mrs. Joy Smith has left Love Enterprises a very generous donation of $500,000 million to the agency but more importantly she has given us an opportunity to transform Love into a leading organization in diversity initiatives. As stipulated in her will in order to receive the full gift Love Enterprise needs to have a solid action plan in place as well as specific ways to measure the organization’s success with diversity. In the following paragraphs I will discuss what course of action I would take in developing an action plan, then I will discuss the various tools and modes I would use to measure the success of the action plan. Love Enterprises is an organization that has a lot of offer both clients and staff but like many other organizations it needs reflect of how it has integrated diversity measures in the past and understand how diversity initiatives will help the organization in terms of finance, staff performance, client satisfaction and the way the organization is viewed by the rest of the community. My initiative includes three phases of building more diversity within the organization. The first is changes to the physical structure of the organization as well as programs offered to clients. This phase seeks to offer clients a more stimulating and inclusive experience while at Love, to meet a variety of physical and psychological needs and finally to express our love of all the people that come to us. The second phase focuses on employees and finding ways to ensure

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