The Organizational Analysis Of People Express ( Unitedr )

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People Express was an American low-cost airline that operated from 1981 to 1987. They disrupted the airline market by taking advantage of the deregulations of the airline industry. This groundbreaking company shifted the market with its strategy, but all of this wouldn’t have been possible without their equally as groundbreaking human resources strategy. The company took a different approach to running and managing its employees that instilled an innovative, free, and accommodating structure that really set People Express apart. Don Burr, the founder of People Express, wanted to do things differently. He developed a list of goals and objectives that he called “precepts” that laid the framework of his company culture. This framework consisted of broad statements of mission and values meant to create a highly effective and profitable company. Furthermore, a lot of companies run under similar “precepts”, but what set People Express apart was the amount of freedom and interpretation that the company gave to their employees. The precepts allowed the company to mix strong leadership with corporate goals and direction and freedom in how people would implement the means to achieve those goals. Don Burr understood that with as many employees he would have all across the globe, it would be impossible to manage all of them effectively in all the same way. He decided to give his employees a level of freedom and responsibility that no other company was offering. His employees were
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