The Organizational Behavior And Structuring On Hickling Associates Ltd

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Introduction Hickling Associates Ltd. is an organization that exports goods to various countries around the world especially European countries. This analysis is based on the organizational behavior and structuring on Hickling Associates Ltd. Tony Azzara who was an experienced sales manager at a renowned company called Pisces Ltd lost his job in that organization due to financial troubles in the company and economic depression in the fresh and frozen seafood market in Europe . He got hired on as a sales manager at Hickling Associates ltd and his main job responsibility was to create more sales, build and establish more relationships in the European countries. As Tony recently lost his job he was desperate to find a job that is based on his social status, so he accepted the job at Hickling Associates without researching or inquiring about his job and just took Mr.Hickling’s word to accept his position. Tony tries to adapt himself a fresh working environment in Hickling Associates Ltd. Soon, Tony encountered difficulties in integrating into Hickling’s organization due to the apparent differences in the working culture. Stemming from the problems that he encountered in Hickling’s associates, Tony began to lose motivation to strive for better results. Fueled with the other problems, he resigned eventually. I will discuss below the strategies the company can potentially follow to lower the turnover rate and create maximum efficiency. Issues a) Lack of advancement Tony was a bit

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