The Organizational Behavior Of Kellogg

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Executive Summary: We conduct an assignment on the organizational behavior of Kellogg. This assignment is divided into four parts. The first part represents the management and leadership styles used by Kellogg. The second part discusses the structure and culture of the organization. The third part includes how kellogg uses motivational theories within its workplace. The fourth part of the assignment describes about the method of developing teamwork within the organization. Table of the Contents Lists of the Contents Page No Introduction 4 Part-1: Management and leadership styles of Kellogg 4 1.1: The effectiveness of different leadership styles in different organizations 4 1.2: How the organizational theory underpins the practice of management 5 1.3: The different approaches to management used by different organizations 5 Part-2: Structure and culture of Kellogg 6 2.1: Comparisons and differences between different organizational structures and cultures6 2.2: The impact of the relationship between organization’s structure and culture on the performance of the organization 7 2.3: The factors of influencing the individual behavior at work 7 Part-3: The theories of motivation 8 3.1: The impact of different leadership styles on motivation in Kellogg 8 3.2: The application of different motivational theories at the workplace 9 3.3: The usefulness of motivational theories for managers
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