The Organizational Behavior Practices of Redbox

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The Organizational Behavior Practices and Techniques of
Red Box Automated Retail LLC


A Paper Submitted to Dr. Eren Ozgen in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for MGT 3371 ZA1
Principles of Management Term 3
Troy University – eCampus 02/26/2010

Contents Introduction 3 Company Mission, Strategy, Goals 4 Company Core Values 5 Information on CEO 6 S.W.O.T. Analysis 7 Corporate Culture 8 Organizational Structure 9 Conclusion 10 Bibliography 11

Introduction (M.M.)

It’s so convenient! You’ve just finished your weekly grocery shopping at your local big box store and you’re on your way out the door with a cart full of all the bargains you found and
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Lowe said the company is always looking for new and innovative ways in which they could improve customer service.
Redbox’s competitive advantage is the fact that they have surpassed companies in revenue as well as in their advantage in number of rental locations for customer availability. Most of all their competitive advantage is the fact that they have an alternative which other movie rentals do not; kiosks are placed in McDonald’s fast foods, grocery stores, and discount stores. Customers can purchase or rent online and pick up at any kiosk. They have a physical presence greater than 17,000 locations through their retail partners. Their locations continue to grow.
One could wonder whether or not Redbox care for their employees after announcing in Downers Grove, Illinois the outsourcing of their Call Center to third parties in Texas and in Canada in February 2010. The closing will leave two hundred call center employees without jobs which are about 8% of the company’s workforce. There were questions raised as to whether or not it was a business strategy or declining economy. I believe there is some concern for public image but overall the concern is for Redbox to profit and like any other business their success is their priority. In 2009 there was a concern from three major studios, Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Universal, that DVD kiosks were going to kill sales and rentals. Individually

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