The Organizational Behavior of Google Inc.

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The Organizational Behavior of Google Inc. “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” this is the mission of Google Incorporated. Google maintains that it is a large growing company that maintains a small company feel. The culture at Google is very open and inspiring of creativity and inclusion, which is demonstrated through the accessibility of everyone including the Chief Executive Officers. Value is placed on every employee’s input as the company’s continued innovation “depends on the ability of everyone being comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.” Employee job descriptions are not limited to the duties of just that position. Employees receive what Google calls “Innovation Time Off,” in…show more content…
Creativity is best developed in a less strict and more inviting environment. Members should have no apprehension about asking questions or presenting new ideas. On the other hand, a culture based on the value of profits above all else can be a recipe for corruption among members. A culture of corruption stifles communication as everything becomes secretive. No one wants to know exactly how the goal was reached, just as long as it is met. Most people would rather be a member of an open and honest organization rather than one of corruption and cover-up. Employees of an open culture tend to experience less stress and pressure and can produce results more effectively and feel more secure in their jobs. Employees of a culture focused on profits tend to feel more pressure and less job security because if they cannot perform as expected they are let go. Communication methods developed by the culture of an organization play a major role in how others perceive a company or its products. Communication is both verbal and nonverbal. Employee internal satisfaction is conveyed beyond the walls of a company. What an employee says and does regarding a company outside of work hours influences the perception others develop about the company. A company should enact the values that it tries to instill in its employees. Negative perceptions develop in an organization that proclaim certain values but perform in a completely different manner. People outside of a company hold employees of
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