The Organizational Change Or Organisational Development ( Od )

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Nowadays, people are not unfamiliar with the words organisational change or organisational development (OD). Generally, people argue that OD is a process of achieving the organisation’s effectiveness that involves the developing of both internal and external factors of the organisation. In order to be successful, many organisations also focus on how to maintain certain missions, goals, or to cope with the development of the competitors. Adam Smith believes that the initial idea of OD is changing the current state of the company. Some changes could be through restructuring or reorganising the internal structure of the company and changing the operations’ processes. To be more specific, Adam Smith comes with broad definition, stating that OD is considered to be processes that the organisation are achieving, through the usage of the behavioural science approach, system improvement, planning, and self-analysis, in order to reach the highest rate of effectiveness. However, in fact, OD is a complex process and has begun to be doubted by some researches. Researchers start to question whether OD is still the best strategic management to manage a company or not. There are many unsuccessful cases of adopting OD as a strategic planning yet, there are also some successful stories of how OD could save the companies. The reasons why both outcomes occurred is actually depending on some factors such as what problems the company are facing, how the OD consultant giving solutions or even the…
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