The Organizational Culture Affects The Organization

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Intelligent, thoughtful people can form into organizations that are unproductive and ineffective in relation to their stated missions. This happens often and frequently, and there are many reasons why such a case can occur. This essay will discuss two possible reasons for such ineffectiveness and lack of productivity. Firstly, organizations may have an overall structure that is not conducive to success in relation to their mission. Secondly, the organizational culture affects the organization in such a negative way that the mission becomes clouded in the eyes of many employees and managers.
Organizations often fail because of a lack of balance in a structure that makes sense for that particular organization. This can be illustrated one way by comparing the images of organizations as machines and organisms. Organizations as machines focus on hierarchical structure. Hierarchical structure works very well for some types of organizations. Organizations that are focused on things like national security, disease prevention, or food safety are able to flourish under the mechanical structure. This is because these types of organisms need to focus on efficiency, predictability, and stability. Specialized roles help these organizations to carry out their mission most effectively. Those dealing with food monitoring and safety need to be experts in very specific areas of that particular work. Armed services need specialized roles for those who operate heavy machinery, use
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