The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument

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The current organizational culture type of my organization is Clan, based on the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument. Schein’s Three-Layer Organizational Model has three levels: artifacts, adopted behaviors and basic assumptions. Artifacts are made up of things that can be seen and felt. My organization has a relaxed dress code, which is considered a normal value for our organization. The office is in our family home, which provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We have several special dinners each year to celebrate our business. Outsiders would easily recognize these artifacts, and therefore these artifacts are a part of the work culture of my organization. Level two of Schein’s Three-Layer Organization Model is adopted values, or unconscious and unspoken behaviors that reflect the shared values of the organization. Employees are encouraged to be creative and are expected to share in the creative process. We work together as a team and try to have transparent and direct communication, to prevent conflict, which would disrupt financial gains. My father founded this company with the vision of originating products for sale in the growing online retail industry. My company proves that our vision is being carried out by our financial and team building successes, therefore these traits are part of the work culture of my organization. The third level of Schein’s Three-Layer Organizational Model is basic assumptions, which are difficult for an outsider to
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