The Organizational Culture Of The Beef Industry

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1. Introduction When the Beef industry took a hit about ten years ago, one company who was able to stabilize itself in the rocky market was KBJ Beef Processing Equipment. The question now that they have successfully implemented a new system into stabilizing their business, is how do they begin to thrive in it? Currently, the system they have implemented is much more effective than the prior. One key to the new system was the idea of reduced roles. This was key strategy because it allowed the company to consolidate and focus on themselves rather than worry about the market. Instead of panicking, they looked inward to discover the key to surviving in a sinking market. 2. What are the New Ideas The organizational culture within the company…show more content…
This makes sure that the people in command are not only reliable, but if they are struggling to meet the deadlines and goals of the company, they can easily be replaced by a younger more incentivized employee. This kind of revolving door of productivity allows the workers to understand how the company is performing and how each of their jobs is benefiting the company. This kind of high employee efficiency mixed with happy workers produces an outcome that will save KBJ Beef Processing Equipment from the seemingly inevitable downfall of the beef market. 3. Comparisons The main reason Suede implemented this structure was because the efficiency of the company was not where it needed to be in order to survive the tough times. When information or tasks were sent down the chain of command, it was usually too late or often not even deemed worth solving. Suede on the other hand wants to create a system where every small problem, no matter how small, is solved so the company can continue to operate on as high of a level as possible. He was also able to turn the mentality of the company completely around. Placing the responsibilities of the employees completely on their own shoulders was the best thing to happen to KBJ Beef Processing Equipment. This way when an employee falters, the only person they can blame is themselves. This creates almost a military sense of teamwork. When everyone takes care of themselves and
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