The Organizational Model Of Health Care Performance, Quality Assessment, And Management

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In this paper, I will discuss four elements of the organizational model of health care performance, quality assessment, and management of the hospital in which I work. The first element is about their organizational quality program, goals and structure. Secondly, I will describe the quality improvement projects, selection, methodology, and management. The third element will be on quality improvement training and communication. Lastly, I will discuss how the hospital evaluates QI effectiveness and outcomes. Organizational quality program, goals, structure The quality goal of the organization where I work is to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. The areas for quality structure include: clinical care, safety, satisfaction of…show more content…
Quality improvement projects- selection, methodology, and management The organization in which I work chooses quality improvement projects based off of shortcomings and weaknesses identified, and outcome data collected. In my organization, there is a team comprised of quality, risk management, pharmacy, infection control, and accreditation specialists. The methodology used in deciding on quality improvement projects occurs when they meet and discuss any projects based off of quality control activities, as well as any new innovation of processes, ideas, policy changes or legislative changes. (“quality and satisfaction,” 2013). Each project has a designated manager or director of the project. This person is responsible for monitoring the project, collecting the data, and developing reports. This person oversees the project. The tools and techniques used are based off of the requirements of the initiative. Tools can range from a simple flowsheet to a complex failure mode (“quality and satisfaction,” 2013). One example of this is when the quality council developed a quality improvement project, such as decreasing falls by screening all patients on their risk factors and having interventions set in place to prevent falls for the patients that are at risk. Once the interventions were developed, the staff was educated on the project, and the projected goals were
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