The Organizational Setting Of The Health And Wellness Center

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The organizational setting of the Health and Wellness Center is a recent service line added to a large, well-known behavioral health organization. The Health and Wellness Center offers a variety of integrated care services to a small community, and surrounding towns in Connecticut. The concept of integrated care is one of the newest healthcare trends; designed to support the overall public health goals of providing quality healthcare services while eliminating disparities and reducing healthcare costs. Services provided in this setting include primary care along the lifespan continuum, preventive dental services, behavioral health services offered for individual and group treatments, as well as psychiatric evaluations and medication…show more content…
To advance to this level of management, the healthcare administrator must show evidence of professional skills and judgment through performance of key competencies in being a leader. Healthcare administrators must first be comfortable and confident in managing themselves in order to be an effective leader. Team members will align their trust with an administrator who leads by example. Important skills to manage include: their time with tasks and people, their responsiveness and follow through on the challenges, their capability to be relational and motivational with a positive presence, and the ability to recognize and validate the team members contributions to the overall organizations goals and values. The healthcare administrator needs to continuously stay on top of healthcare trends and management techniques to be adaptable in the growing and expanding role.
Leadership Styles Leadership styles are an important quality in healthcare administrators. Transformational leadership is a popular style that is used to “encourage the group to pursue innovative and creative ideas and actions” (Blanken, 2013, para. 42). Leaders engage, mentor, and motivate their followers to change by utilizing the qualities that make them their leader, such as listening to them and including them in the decision making process, and showing interest in their work day while acknowledging their achievements and being honest (Giltinane, 2013). By treating the followers as they wish
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