The Organizational Setting Of The Health And Wellness Center

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The organizational setting of the Health and Wellness Center is a recent service line added to a large, well-known behavioral health organization. The Health and Wellness Center offers a variety of integrated care services to a small community, and surrounding towns in Connecticut. The concept of integrated care is one of the newest healthcare trends; designed to support the overall public health goals of providing quality healthcare services while eliminating disparities and reducing healthcare costs. Services provided in this setting include primary care along the lifespan continuum, preventive dental services, behavioral health services offered for individual and group treatments, as well as psychiatric evaluations and medication management, substance abuse services to support recovery, community outreach and health education to promote whole-person centered care and wellness, and a care management program that focuses on disease management measures through care coordination. This setting must embrace the new model of team that includes the addition of the healthcare administrator in the multidisciplinary team process to focus on priorities known as the Triple Aim, which include:
1. Improve the individual experience of care,
2. Improve the health of populations,
3. Reduce per capital costs of care for populations (Berenson & Cafarella, 2012, p. 1).
Role Development The healthcare administrator’s role is developed through career experiences, knowledge, and…

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