The Organizational Strategy Of Human Resources

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Human Resource Manager Mary Carnahan HA 302 – Management of Human Resources February 26, 2016 Introduction This is a research paper about the organizational strategy on human resource activities such as health care recruitment and selection of employees, employee appraisal or employee compensation. What are the three laws that HR managers must keep in mind when performing these tasks? What is the impact that these laws have on how an HR manager performs his or her duties? At the end of this research paper I will share with you a story of a HR manager who was asked not to follow one of these laws and what happened as a result. What is a HR Manager? I’ve always thought of an HR manager to be the person who keeps…show more content…
Cultivate younger generations: Sending representatives to talk to middle schools and high schools can plant the seed for the ways in which one can achieve a successful healthcare career. Internships and Returnships: A great way to gain public attention for your organization or to embrace the university system is to include either paid or unpaid (college-credit) internships at your organization. Teaching Hospitals: Through the idea of teaching, your hospital or healthcare firm can offer in-house job training to students with the cooperation or teamwork of local universities by offering college credits to employees who can complete certain tasks. Staffing Agencies: By partnering with a staffing agency that operates on a national level, you can be in constant communication with bodies of people who know of the best-in-class physicians and where they are located. (Hanna 2014). Selection of employees: The HR manager has to make sure they interview and hire to right employees for any type of business, large or small. “The human resources department must choose which selection strategies it will adopt to screen candidates and find the best person for each job. The human resources director can choose from among standard selection strategies or combine elements of several to create one that works best for her individual business” (Redman, 2016). Employee appraisal: Of course within an
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