The Organizational Structure And Behavior At Pluto Telecommunications

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Introduction: This paper critically examines the organizational structure and behaviour at Pluto Telecommunications. Through an analysis of the relationship among the job design, motivation, structural form and the work culture the paper aims to suggest a plan of action to rectify the challenges. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION The case does not delve into specific factors and rather talks about the various departmental cultures and motivators. The company’s growth strategy is disconnected from the organizational strategy and communications at the highest level are lacking or ineffective. Sales have a short term incentive, marketing has a longer term view, (and an opinion of themselves) and Customer Service has a medium term view. While communications is always the easy target, it’s clear that direction and communication from Ms Tsang, the MD, is a key challenge, but probably the primary one. Sadly, despite the siloe’d view, the performance of the team as a whole determines the organization 's performance, (Huczynski, Buchanan 2013, p.9). Success or failure is a shared outcome and one department cannot succeed at the expense of the other. Pluto is operating as three independent organizations. ANALYSIS OF KEY ISSUES The case actually calls out the key challenges of Pluto: Work Motivation, Time Orientation and Work Culture. Leadership Leadership has been defined as "the creation of a vision about a desired future state which seeks to unite all members

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