The Organizational Structure And Behavior At Pluto Telecommunications

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This paper critically examines the organizational structure and behaviour at Pluto Telecommunications. Through an analysis of the relationship among the job design, motivation, structural form and the work culture the paper aims to suggest a plan of action to rectify the challenges.


The case does not delve into specific factors and rather talks about the various departmental cultures and motivators. The company’s growth strategy is disconnected from the organizational strategy and communications at the highest level are lacking or ineffective.

Sales have a short term incentive, marketing has a longer term view, (and an opinion of themselves) and Customer Service has a medium term view.
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However Ms Tsang’s leadership style does not appear to have driven constructive and active participation from her team. Nor has she communicated a vision of a company that they can buy into. By combining transactional and transformational styles of leadership, she may be able to develop subordinates to their highest potential (Bass and Avolio, 1990). While I would argue that her personal style is limiting the company’s growth, I did wonder if gender is impacting her ability to bring about transformational change. However, the work done by Bass, Avolio and Atwater argues that women have as good a chance as men to lead in a transformational way.

Work, Motivation, Objective alignment and / or collective goals
This is the cornerstone of the issues within Pluto. Marchington and Wilkonson (2013) reference a fundamental issue that exists within Pluto: Lack of Identification with Employer Goals. The three departmental leads are oblivious to the challenges that they are causing nor the impact that it is having on the overall company. Veronica has a Laissez-Faire Leadership style, but she isn’t managing to this style by monitoring the output, (Organizational Behavior, pg. 38) of the team which is causing problems.

There is a clear lack of cohesion between the three team. Sales have objectives that are structured and are incentivized to perform their tasks. They clearly want to boost
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