The Organizational Structure And Culture Of Nestle

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Organizational structure and culture When focusing on Nestlé’s management, it is imperative to mention the Board of Directors, consisting of 14 members and led by Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe and the Executive Board that conducts day-to-day management. There are 13 chosen Board Members that manage various parts of the global business. The Nestlé Group is managed by geographies as globally managed businesses, seen in image #4. Nestlé has the largest Research & Development network of all world food companies, with 34 R&D facilities and over 5,000 involved members. While their Corporate Business Principles are firmly established, they are continuously adapted for an evolving world; for instance, the incorporation of the United Nations Global…show more content…
The symbol, “Good Food Good Life”, which is always enclosed in its products, guides every activity within the company. Nestlé believes that good food is the primary source of good health throughout life thus it always puts nutrition, health and wellness at the core of its business. The firm tries to further develop and emphasize these aspects in all its economic activity. These three goals- Nutrition, Health and Wellness can therefore also be found in all Nestlé products as well as its mission statement. Nestlé’s strategic purpose mission is therefore to make better food in order for consumers to live a better life creating an apparent relationship between the firms mission statement and logo as it strives to make safe, high quality and nutritional food that meet physiological needs. Due to the complexity of products and services Nestlé offers, the firm must target numerous different groups of customers. Hence, market segmentation plays an important role for Nestlé as it has to know the target customers each product or service markets towards. Therefore the business conducts consumer and market segmentation according to age, geographic situation, income and gender, whilst maintaining their, “Good Food Good Life”

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