The Organizational Structure And Leadership Styles

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When working for an organization, there are many variables that will determine how successful the company is. There are also many variables that can play in the downfall of an organization. The organizational structure and leadership styles are vital to the success of any company. The background of a leaders values and culture, as well as the culture within an organization, will determine the success of the company itself. It will also determine the type of interaction and quality of work produced by the employees. Management plays a vital role in determining if the organization will be successful and prosper. Managers are not only decision makers, but also exercise considerable influence through formal and informal communication, role modeling, and other powerful means (Nahavandi, Denhardt, Denhardt & Arittiguteta, 2015). There are different leadership styles to consider when placing a person in a position of leadership. Toxic leadership is a management issue that affects the organizational culture and employees job satisfaction. This type of toxic leadership exists everywhere, in both the military and civilian sectors of the world. The cultural mindset of these types of leaders has a lot to do with not being able to attain their self-awareness. This essay will explain the characteristics of a toxic leader, how toxic leadership is detrimental to the organization, and ways to overcome a toxic leader.
Characteristics of Toxic Leadership Having a position of
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