The Organizational Structure And Performance

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Operant conditioning Learning occurs from a consequence of the behavior leading to operant conditioning. The major consideration is in influence of workers behavior through reinforcing important principles. Motivation is an internal cause of behavior that leads to satisfaction as an external cause (Walle, 2009). This is after a positive consequence following an organizational performance or production. Positive reinforcement covers anything that increases strength and response and includes thing such as bonuses, raises and promotion and more importantly encouragement or praise. The essence of having reinforcement helps in measuring modifications of behavioral that takes place. Organizations structures have an effect employee satisfaction hence production and performance. Despite this, the relationship between the structure and performance are experienced through different channels in work place (Edmans, Li, & Zhang, 2014). This leads to evaluate through the organizational structure to performance of the firm through satisfaction of employees. The interests are connected to evaluation of problems of firms through the staffs and finally the performance results. In this study, it helps in identification of current problems that firms are facing in reflection of the structural organization. Involvement of the staffs in various aspects, introduces the motivational approach structure through which problems are solved. The influence of organization structure to the performance
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