The Organizational Structure At Moka Consists Of A Board Of Directors

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The organizational structure at MOKA consists of a Board of Directors, who have the final say in any major decision. The Executive Director that is in charge of handling and maintaining the different departments within the organization, who also works on developing new areas of service, as it is important to stay ahead of the latest services. MOKA has several directors, including; Finance, Human Resources, Property, Development, and Programs. The Finance Director is in charge of the IT department, and the billing and finance departments, which consist of six employees. The Human Resource Director has three employees under them and also provides advice for the entire company on disciplinary matters. The Property Director maintains…show more content…
MOKA’s process includes input from staff and individuals on the changes prior to finalizing. The Safety Committee reviews agency data/outcomes related to safety. They examine how they can improve the safety within the organization for employees and individuals served. They also review incidents and determine if the incident was a safety concern or unsafe action. The Diversity Committee assesses the needs of the agency and supports a plan to develop and promote a culturally competent work environment for the entire agency including the individuals served, employees, and the agency. What are the elements of organizational behavior that contribute to the organization’s success? The key elements of organizational behavior that contribute to MOKA’s success are the leadership, culture, company structure, and the communication. As stated in Essentials of Organizational Behavior, “An organization’s culture develops over many years and is rooted in deeply help values to which employees are strongly committed” (Robbins & Judge, 2015, p.269). This quote says it all about the culture of MOKA. The leadership at MOKA is very effective due to the fact they have the ability to influence employees toward the achievement of their vision. Many of the leaders are willing to challenge the norm and push to develop future programs. The leaders at MOKA believe in training and educating their

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