The Organizational Structure Of Kem Hospital Mumbai

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This writing assignment gives me the opportunity to provide the readers, with some insight into the orientation of the organizational structure of KEM Hospital Mumbai. It puts emphasis on a selective review of significant matters, themes, issues, and current as well as the future vision of the organization. It displays the dark side of problems faced, it writes about the new development plans and describes future implications and testimonials based on opportunities. However, I can say this institute is the best amongst the top ten in India for anyone who need medical treatment and education. If you’re adventurous, love medicine, and are not afraid about to any medical problems, then this is extraordinarily a global medical institute for health care. Introduction: I spent four years of medical education (M.D.) at the Seth G S Medical College and K E M Hospital Mumbai. It founded in 1926, Hospital & College are amongst the foremost teaching and medical care providing institutions in India. The hospital treats about 1.8 million out-patients and 85,000 in-patients annually. KEM institute provides service – virtually free of cost – mostly to the underprivileged sections of the society (, 2014). KEM Classification based on Mintzberg’s Model: Figure 1Administrative Model (Health & Medical Education) The professional bureaucracy is a decentralized form of organization that emphasizes the operating core and standardization of skills. Hospitals and universities are

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