The Organizational Structure Of Schools, School Districts, States, And The Federal Government

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Describe the organizational structure of schools, school districts, states, and the federal government.

The superintendent is the overseer of an individual school district within each state. The school district vary by sizes in each state and have their own administration, instructional, financial, and clerical staff. The superintendent takes orders from elected school board officials . Under the superintendent there are assistant superintendents, who are in charge of specific areas. After them are the principals, then the teachers, and lastly the students. The federal government plays an important role in funding as well as opening educational programs to assist the schools.

2.Explain the organizational relationship of teachers to their principal and how the responsibilities of the principal relate to those of the school district superintendent and the school board.

Teachers are the single largest group of adults within the school. Some teachers may be appointed as department heads or team leaders over individual grade levels or content areas. Just as the superintendent and the school board are in authority of the over the assistant superintendents and principals within the school district, the principal is in authority over faculty support staff members, and the students in the school. In addition, they are also responsible for teacher evaluations, provisions of contracts, and school budgets.

3.Summarize the key sources of funding for public…
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