The Organizational Structure Of The Organization

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Table of Contents Today we will look at Company B. We will begin with an overview of the organization, what category of industry it falls under, and some of the products the organization offers. Next, we will explore the current status in the organization, that is, the current state of affairs in the organization with regard to products as well as the internal organizational structure, the factors that contribute to the structure, the effectiveness of the structure. Then we will investigate the steps the company has taken to modify how it views innovation and how this has affected the organization’s strategy. The first potion of this presentation will conclude with a discussion of potential advantages and disadvantage of the current…show more content…
Although the company began by developing antireflective coatings, the company now specializes in research and development of specialty chemicals, equipment, and processes for the semi conductor industry. Company B manufactures their chemicals and equipment, and in some instances, the organization licenses the rights to manufacture certain chemicals to other companies. Company B began as a small 13 person operation located in a small, Midwest town. For more than 30 years the company has continued to grow and is now a global organization and holds more than 100 patents, both domestic and internationally. The company has more than 350 employees and locations throughout the world including the United States (U.S.), Asia, and Europe. In addition, the organization partners with other businesses, organizations, and individuals to meet the means of its internal and external customers as well as to meet its strategic goals. The company has seen many modifications from its inception, including modifications and the methods employed to service the semi conductor industry as well as the innovative products it invents and manufactures. Other changes to the organization included the organizational
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