The Organizational Structure Of The Walt Disney Company

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The Walt Disney Company is considered to be one of the most active family entertainment companies in the world. Primarily Disney became known as an animated film company and a cartoon creator. Later, the company expanded its range of activities into other markets through the Disney stores and theme parks around the world. The Walt Disney Company’s key objective is to be the world’s premier family entertainment company through the ongoing development of its powerful brand and character franchises.
An organizational design of the Walt Disney Company has a horizontal structure. It is seen in the departmentalization or subdividing into smaller units. The company is currently organized with certain key companies – all brand names – dominating each division. “The business departments of Disney Company are then grouped according to the product and this is a good example of a divisional approach” (Mannheim, 2017). Although each division assigns their executive officers different
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According to Bolman and Deal (1991), the structural frame is the best predictor of managerial effectiveness. Under the structural frame, the Walt Disney Company achieves significant goals in both key long-term programs as well as new initiatives. The structural frame is hierarchical in the company, as there is a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The leader of the company values analysis and data, keeps his eye on the bottom line, sets clear directions, holds people accountable for results, and tries to solve organizational problems with new policies and rules or through restructuring (Bolman & Deal, 1991). From this structure, it is evident that power flows from the topmost individual through the structure to the lowest individual in the
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