The Organization's Respective Industry

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Organizations compile information to develop assessments in regards to the organization’s respective industry. To ensure an organization remains competitive it identifies threats and capitalizes on opportunities. Their approach to retaining a competitive advantage is strategic in regards to thoroughly evaluating the environment. A technology, industry, market, and environment (TIME) analysis providing a product manager with the necessary resources to gather intelligence regarding market conditions, market segment sizes, customer expectations, competitive products and strategies and other external shifts (Gorchels, 2012). However, organizations cannot only focus on external market conditions, as they must also focus on internal conditions.…show more content…
Separate federal entities providing a service to the veteran community lead to complication in administering veterans’ benefits and services such as contrasting visions to serving the veteran. To simplify the process, in 1930, Congress gave the President authorization to consolidated three separate agenices under the Veterans Administration (Department of Veterans Affairs, n.d.). Under a single entity for managing veterans’ benefits and services, the organization was able to unify governmental efforts.
One of the benefits and services the veterans receive at a minimal or no cost is health care services. In the health care component of the VA, technology is essential in delivering health care services. For instance, clinic and non-clinical staff utilize electronic health care records (EHR) such as computerized patient record system (CPRS) in administering health care services and in a collaborative diagnosis process. Utilizing the CPRS databases allows for a smooth transition in by fully automating physician orders, order dialogs, orderable items, management of medications, reviewing lab results and electronic generation of clinical notifications (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2011). However, the CPRS database does not communicate with non-VA medical organizations, thus complicating VA and non-VA physicians’ effort to monitor and co-manage health care. To eliminate the barrier in sharing medical
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