The Organizing Function of Management at Google

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The Organizing Function of Management at Google Introduction Google's approach to management is heavily predicated on the need to continually add new services, information products and extensions to its main source of differentiation, it's search engine technology. Management within Google is based on expert power and proven ability to translate exceptionally complex problems into manageable, analyzable components (Hamel, 2006). In conjunction with this mindset is one of work specialization, chain of command and decentralized management structures with broad span of control to enable higher levels of innovation than competitors (Zhao, Tse, 2011). The organizing function of Google is therefore critical to the long-term success of the company and its ability to continually create and successfully launch new products. Analysis Of The Organizing Function At Google Management theorists including best-selling author and Wall Street Journal columnist Gary Hamel described the management mindset at Google as being part academic or university-like as the management teams embrace challenging, very difficult problems to solve with their technologies while also encouraging 360-degree feedback of peers' and senior manager's performance (Hamel, 2006). The organization function of management at Google is therefore built for speed and depth of insight, ensuring each employee has an opportunity to see how their contributions affect the future of the business, a point that former

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