The Orientation Of Gay And Lesbian Tendencies

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I believe teachers innately assume a corrective role in their interaction with students who exhibit gay or lesbian tendencies. Teachers are so accustomed to assuming roles and wearing various hats when dealing with their students. Teachers spend countless hours helping students learn to problem solve. Gay and lesbian tendencies are view as a problem especially in the elementary school years when students are at their purest and are naïve about the world and its expectations of them. In a teacher’s eyes boys should be playful, rough, and tough. Girls should be cute, prissy, and giggly. When teachers encounter children who are outside of their assumed roles they automatically try to correct them by saying things: “little girls/boys shouldn’t behave that way or little boys/girls shouldn’t walk like that or wear their clothes like that.” Teachers unconsciously and some consciously, devote a great deal of time trying to correct those undesired tendencies, which often leads to embarrassment or berating of the student(s). How teachers interact with these students is an area that needs to be explored.
While searching the literature on this topic, and after exhausting searches, the researcher found that there was little about how teachers interact with gay and lesbian students or who exhibit these characteristics at the elementary level. There however, has been research that explored the interaction of teachers and the challenges of these students at the middle and secondary levels.
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