The Orientation Program For Our Staff Members

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Our orientation program for our staff members will be provided in a group atmosphere. Facility maintenance and technician will be trained separately from Entertainment staff. This will help reduce cost and provide an opportunity for staff members to build rapport and get to know each other before the facility opens. Each employee will be provided an employee handbook for their reference; however, the handbook must be kept confidential and can only be used internally within the company. During orientation and training, entertainment staff will be conducting several group exercises to prepare our staff for a team-based work environment. Exercises include activities, icebreakers, and competitions in which they need to work together as a team…show more content…
This will allow us to determine the training needs to certain individuals and what we can do to maximize their training • E-learning will be introduced – where we will have an online platform where associates will be able to learn product knowledge, WHMIS, loss prevention, policies, procedures, health & safety, and store regulations continuously without training from supervisors and management • Training of customer service, what it means and strategies for a successful approach • Cashiers will be trained by a manager. They will be taught how to manage cash flow, be alert of red flags (counterfeit, quick change artists) and credit card frauds Finally, our facility maintenance crew and technicians will be provided a tour of our facility and an orientation where they will be required to fill out employment documents. Training may not be necessary as they are experienced in their field. However, a brief overview of WHMIS and MSDS may be required for new recruits to ensure the safety of the facility, our team, and our customers. Recognition and Appraisals for Success Ace Age strongly believes that appraisals and recognition is important to clearly maintain a positive and encouraging work environment. Listed below are several methods in which we will establish. We will also provide a timeline as when they are performed and what the expense will be. We believe all staff
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