The Origin And Discoveries Of Electricity And Magnetism

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This paper is mainly about the origin and discoveries of electricity and magnetism. It is solely a summary of two natural phenomenon which have changed everything about our way of life and has ushered us into a remarkable new age.
Firstly and most importantly, it is about the underlying idea of how magnetism and electricity have come about, also it outlines and maps out the development and discoveries of sources of electricity and magnetism by many inventors and the latter discoveries of mega-production.

When I was a little boy, I used to wonder what causes lightning and thunder. When rain comes, I sometimes see intermittent lightning for a while before you can hear the sound of a spark which is like two short-circuited power cables.

At school, we all learnt about matter, which consists of atoms and molecules and every atom has a nucleus and electron(s), inside the nucleus contains an equal number of protons and neutrons. The electrons revolve round the nucleus of the atom in order to keep it stable. Protons are positively charged particles, neutrons are neutral and electrons are negative charge particles. The nucleus is surrounded by shells; these are simply orbitals in which an electron(s) can be found. The number of orbitals depends on how many electrons the atom has. The electrons which are in the outer most orbitals have a tendency of being lost or shared by another atom in order to create a more stable configuration.

Long before any knowledge of electricity existed

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