The Origin And Effects Of Medication Errors

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The Origin and Effects of Medication Errors In Healthcare
Introduction/Statement of Problem Medication errors have contributed to healthcare issues and created problematic discrepancies affecting costs, safety issues, qualitative concerns, and economic effects. This review will provide the background, rationale, and the overview of multiple issues causing medication errors. Issues contributing to negative effects of the health system will be identified including how specific issues affect patients, and adverse drug effects. Effects on health costs will be reviewed as they relate to higher health costs, in addition to the impact higher costs have on the economy. The utilization of information technology contributes to the cause of medication errors. Identifying the operation of electronic health systems and methods they were designed will be discussed. Additional issues involving the use of electronic health systems will be addressed including the lack of education among health professionals regarding technology. Incorrect data entry input from physicians and staff will be identified in addition to the negligent aspects of assumption. Automated medication dispensing systems may contribute to the number of technology-related medication errors. Incorrect barcoding of products and improper operation by medical staff will be addressed. Clinical errors are among the top reasons medication errors exist. Clinical errors to review will consist of improper medication…

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