The Origin And Significance Of Diversity Within A Named Taxonomic Group Of Your Choice

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“Discuss the origin and significance of diversity within and between species in a named taxonomic group of your choice.”

The stability of biodiversity over millions of years of evolution has been one of the most persistent puzzles of ecology and evolution (Hutchinson, 1961). Different species had evolved from their ancestral and were not created in their present forms (Darwin, 1859).
This essay will explore how diversity arises within and between species and the significance of it using examples from the taxonomic group Apodiformes in the order Aves, which is known as hummingbird. It was presently recognized that there are 338 species of hummingbird in this world (Science Daily, 2014). About 42 million years ago, hummingbird were splitting from their ancestral of insectivorous swift and treeswift in Eurasia. (Jimmy et al., 2014) Then by 22 million years ago, hummingbirds established in the northern Andes Mountains of South Africa. There are 140 hummingbird species live in the Andes today since it provides conducive environment for diversification to take place. Hummingbirds presently populated at the ecological regions across North America, South America, and the Caribbean. They feed on nectar from flowers, small insects and pollen or sap. It is among the smallest of birds weighing few grams and measuring 3”-5” range.

Origin of diversity within species

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