The Origin And Significance Of Diversity Within The Taxonomic Group Of Lagomorpha

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“Discuss the origin and significance of diversity within and between species using examples from a named Eukaryote taxonomic group of your choice.”

Introduction Diversity within and between species depends on various evolutionary processes and can be traced to some sort of genetically altering event, whether it be a mutation, physical isolation, inbreeding depression etc. This essay seeks to analyze the origins and significance of diversity within the taxonomic group of lagomorpha, analyzing the diversity both within and between species.

Origin of diversity within species
Inbreeding depression occurs when species inbreed to a point where the overall fitness of the species decreases. Slate and Pemberton studied how inbreeding resulted in a reduced heterozygosity affected the sperm of wild rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculus, across the United Kingdom; they considered 112 individuals as well as populations (2006). The study found an important relationship: with a reduced heterozygosity, the production of normal sperm was also reduced (Slate and Pemberton, 2006). It is important to note; this relationship was found amongst individuals not entire populations (Slate and Pemberton, 2006). The study examined a loci region known to cause inbreeding depression for the data (Slate and Pemberton, 2006). Figure 1 Relationship between the proportion of abnormal sperm and meant heterozygosity. Graph taken from Slate and Pemberton, 2006. Graph A shows the relationship among individual…
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