The Origin Of Aboriginal People

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The Oxford dictionary defines the stolen generation as: “The Aboriginal people forcibly removed from their families as children between the 1900s and the 1960s, to be brought up by white foster families or in institutions.” But what the Oxford definition cannot tell us is the horrible impacts of the stolen generation on: the stolen children, their families, the Aboriginal culture and Australia as a Nation. The stolen generation was caused by European Australians belief that Aboriginal people were inferior to them, a belief stemming from the fact that the Aboriginal people had not industrialised and therefore they appeared primitive to European Australians who had industrialised in the 1700s. The European Australians also believed that the Aboriginal people were dying out, due to the catastrophic population decline after the European Australians arrived. This decline in the Aboriginal population was mainly caused by the arrival of the European Australians whom brought diseases that they had no immunity for and caused conflict, (such as the frontier wars) that took the lives of many Aboriginal Australians, causing their population to fall from 700 000 in 1788 to 93000 in 1900. This decline in the Indigenous peoples numbers eventually lead to the creation of policies such as the Aborigines Protection Act of 1909. This and other similar acts in different states gave the members of the Aboriginal Protection Board the power to forcibly remove Aboriginal children from their
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