The Origin Of Ancient Africa

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Africa is the origin of mankind, the early civilizations that migrated throughout the continent set a basis for studying and understanding why humans will migrate. When examining the people of ancient Africa, historians identified the fact that many groups migrated throughout the continent. It became evident that the different societies had some similarities and influences from one another. The Bantu people shared a common foundational language, which was a main factor in their expansion to the west as well as the south. In the northern part of the continent there was a colonial powerhouse forming. The Egyptian empire migrated along the Nile River in search for trade routes, which expanded their kingdom and made them stronger. To develop a…show more content…
The same strategies that helped them become so large, and powerful, led to their downfall. “The process of Egyptian colonial expansion in Africa involved three major stages. The first was a period of more or less uncoordinated exploration and plundering, which served to make the Egyptians aware of the economic resources and opportunities beyond their southern frontier. This was followed by the establishment of trade relations with a powerful interior chiefdom, backed up by an Egyptian monopoly of trade on the lower Nile.” The Egyptians explored beyond the borders of their primary colonization, as stated the first period was uncoordinated; it was simply human nature to explore, and see what there was beyond their borders. This led to trade relations, and the Egyptians developed a trade monopoly along the Nile. In turn this helped their economy grow, and expand as a result of their migration southward. When a historian looks at ancient Egypt he or she can see that by studying it’s migration patterns south, it was able to extend its influence on the culture and societies that it encountered. In the south the people of Nubia were the most directly affected by Egyptian occupation. The various natural resources that were sought after in Nubia by the Egyptians were what led to the empires initial purpose for migrating further south. As a result, Nubian culture showed evidence of
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