The Origin Of Australian Music

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Australian Aborigines are native to Australia and have lived in a territory called the Arnhem Land or northern Australia for almost forty thousand years. Some of the Aborigines live in government housing today, while others still live among the land as their ancestors did. Aborigines are an ethnic group that also has many religious beliefs. They believe in Animism which is the belief that living creatures and the outside environment contain supernatural powers. Their culture and beliefs resonate in their music. Their belief in Animism is reflected in the rhythms that they use that originate in the environment. Another part of Australian music that is characteristic of that country is the use of the didjeridu. This instrument has become a symbol of Australian music and has a rich history in the ethnic music that the Aborigines play. It is also made and performed by these native people in very unique ways. The history of Australian music would not be complete without highlighting the importance of the didjeridu. Some believe that Aborigines have been playing the didjeridu for up to forty thousand years. However, most historians believe that the didjeridu dates back about fifteen hundred to two thousand years because of the cave art that the Aborigines have left behind. These cave drawings consist of figures playing a didjeridu. The didjeridu is believed to be first constructed in eastern Kimberly or northern Australia, and is also considered by some to be the
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